Go with the Flow: The Benefits of Liquid Nutrition

Go with the Flow: The Benefits of Liquid Nutrition


Let’s face it. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s hard to keep up with the demands our bodies have on a daily basis. We all know how important it is to get our regular dose of nutritional goodness, and we do our best, but few know of the incredible benefits that come along with consuming vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in liquid form.

Compared to capsules, liquid dietary supplements like LIMU’s great-tasting, premium nutritional products make your wellness regimen that much more powerful.


Here’s why it’s well worth it to go with the flow and choose liquid nutrition:

Increased absorption rate.

A liquid delivery system means your body has a greater chance of making use of the vitamins and minerals you’re ingesting. Liquid dietary supplements have two opportunities throughout the digestive tract to absorb into the bloodstream and be delivered to the cells of the body, both in the stomach and small intestine, while capsules must be broken down in the stomach first before they move on to absorption in the small intestine.

Highly bioavailable.

Bioavailability is the degree at which a substance is absorbed and “used” by the body. Studies show the body absorbs approximately 98 percent of the vitamins and minerals contained in liquid dietary supplements like LIMU’s Fucoidan-rich products. However, the body only absorbs anywhere from 3 to 20 percent of the vitamins in a capsule.

No pill to swallow.

Liquids are easier to ingest than bulky capsules and tablets, which means dosing proper nutrition to the entire family is simple – there’s no swallowing or breaking up pills, and you can adjust the ratio of liquid vitamins and supplements easily without having to switch brands just to get a lower or higher dose.

Easier to digest.

Since there is nothing solid for the body to have to break down, liquids are much easier to digest, which means they’re easier on your stomach and more effective.

Quicker results.

Liquid nutrition like LIMU is available to be immediately absorbed by your body, unlike solid nutritional supplements that need to be dissolved first. Moreover, liquid vitamins bypass digestive processing and go directly into the bloodstream within minutes.

More convenient.

Vitamins and supplements that come in liquid form are ultra portable and super sharable. You can bring them with you on the go, share them easily with your friends and family, and you don’t need to worry about eating a meal or finding a glass of water when it comes time to take them.

Mix with anything.

Liquid nutritional supplements can be taken on their own or mixed with fruit juices, teas and other beverages to add a little variety to your regimen. If you’re feeling creative, you can even incorporate LIMU’s premium liquid nutrition into delicious and satisfying recipes. Check out some ideas here


Published at lumination.com on March 26, 2016

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