Protandim 90 Day Test – CrossFit


Guy Lawrence is a qualified fitness trainer living in Sydney, Australia, co-founder and director of Nutrition 180, a high-protein superfood manufacturer, and a crossfit enthusiast.

Guy was introduced to Protandim, LifeVantage’s patented NRF2 activation technology clinically proven to reduce cellular stress caused by free radicals by 40% in 30 days. He decided to test Protandim for 90 days to find out if it’s an “anti-aging wonder”, as he described it. Guy is not a LifeVantage distributor and did not have any financial gain from this test. His experiment was purely out of curiosity.

He started by visiting Dr. Ranga J. Premaratna at World of Health in Sydney, Australia to get a Bio-Energetic Response and Resonance (BERR) Test and Live Blood Analysis before starting Protandim.

A BERR tests acupuncture points linked to vital organs and systems to check for energy blockage. Ideal conductance or response values are 50. Measured values highlight problems if organs are under stress, showing where to investigate. Values over 55 indicate acute, over functioning or excess situations. Values under 45 indicate chronic, under functioning, deficient states.

Test results for Guy, before starting Protandim, had almost all conductance values at 75. These indicated chronic accumulation of heavy metals and other environmental toxicants most likely through exposure from dental amalgams as well as other sources, like his previous occupation as a plumber.

The live blood analysis clearly showed the amount of cells affected by oxidative stress, as would be expected for an athlete with frequent, rigorous training sessions.

He repeated the tests after 90 days, immediately after finishing his crossfit routine. BERR readings were back to 50 values across the board. The live blood analysis improvement was evident. More healthy cells were visible and many other were showing signs of repairing.

Guy continues using Protandim.

LifeVantage also developed AXIO, a multi-dimensional energy drink, designed to improve vigor – the combination of physical energy, mental focus and better mood.

Both Protandim and AXIO are certified safe and clean by NSF and BSCG, following strict GMP guidelines.

Using Protandim in combination with AXIO is the perfect combination for athletes to have increased energy, enhanced endurance and reduced recovery time, simply by reducing cellular stress thru NRF2 activation.

(Publicado en el 6 de abril de 2015)


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