Woman Battles Brain Cancer Using Ketogenic Diet

Woman Battles Brain Cancer Using Low-Carb Ketogenic Diet Without Chemo



Health Impact News Editor Comments

Some of the most exciting research to come out in the past few years regarding the high-fat low-carb ketogenic diet has been in the area of cancer treatment. The results are so promising that new “ketone” drugs are in the pipeline.

The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, low-carb, and moderate-protein diet that was first developed in the 1920s at John Hopkins hospital to treat epilepsy. Some children with seizures saw great success on the diet, often where drugs had failed.

Today, the ketogenic diet principles — particularly using coconut oil as the main fat — are being used to treat neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s, as well as successfully treating cancer.

The primary motivation to develop drugs that mimic the effects of the diet is because it is considered “difficult” to follow the diet. We have a whole generation now that is addicted to processed sugar and carbs, so if one can take a pill instead, that is seen as preferable.  (See: Ketone Body Therapy: From ketogenic diet to oral administration of ketone ester.)

Sadly, the principles of the ketogenic diet were once common knowledge, as this clip from the popular 1960s Andy Griffith show portrays. Aunt Bee’s apple pie is seen as something to limit or even skip because of the dangerous “carbohydrates and glucose,” while meatloaf was seen as healthier. See more >>

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